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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Catholic Bestsellers

What's hot in Catholic books? For this answer we turn to the Bestsellers list of the Catholic Book Publisher's Association. Here's the list as of September 2004:

1. The Rhythm of Life
Matthew Kelly, Beacon Publishing (1929266014)

2. John Paul II: Lessons for Living
Pope John Paul II, Loyola Press (0829420592)

3. Rediscovering Catholicism
Matthew Kelly, Beacon Publishing (1929266081)

4. Notre Dame vs. The Klan
Todd Tucker, Loyola Press (0829417710)

5. Called to Question
Joan Chittister, Sheed & Ward (1580511430)

6. Catechism of the Catholic Church
Doubleday (0385479670) Gift Edition (0385508190)
Our Sunday Visitor (0879739770)
USCCB Publishing (1574551094)

7. The Holy Longing
Ronald Rolheiser, Doubleday (0385494181)

8. The Book of Courage
Matthew Kelly, Beacon Publishing (1929266103)

9. Autumn
Schmidt & Felch, SkyLight Paths Publishing (1594730059)

10. Lord, Have Mercy
Scott Hahn, Doubleday (0385501706)

1. Catechism of the Catholic Church
Doubleday (0385479670)
Our Sunday Visitor (0879739762)
USCCB Publishing (1574551108)

2. Handbook for Today's Catholic
A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication, Liguori Publications (0764812203)

3. Waiting in Joyful Hope
Robert F. Morneau, Liturgical Press (081462894X)

4. Encounters with Merton
Henri J. M. Nouwen, Crossroad (0824521498)

5. Prayer in All Things
Ritger & Kwatera, Liturgical Press (0814629814)

6. RB 1980: The Rule of St. Benedict
Liturgical Press (0814612725)

7. The Passionate Troubadour
Edward Hays, Ave Maria Press/Forest of Peace (0939516691)

8. De-coding DaVinci
Amy Welborn, Our Sunday Visitor (1592761011)

9. A Guide to the Passion
Pinto, D’Ambrosio, Shea, Thigpen, Allen, Ascension Press (193264542X)

10. Teresa of Avila
Shirley du Boulay, BlueBridge (0974240524)

Pope entertains an audience of breakdancers in January 2004
OK, this link isn't a tool but it is definitely cool ... I think.

[via Jayson]

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Jerusalem Bible

One of the things that makes this bible cool is that among the translators is the great J. R. R. Tolkien. Lots of people like this one because the language has a dramatic quality about it.

Note: Not to be confused with the New Jerusalem Bible, which I hear is also good, but does not have good ol' J. R. R.

Speakonia - freeware Text-To-Speech for Windows

Speakonia will read aloud whatever you copy to the Windows clipboard. So kick back, relax, and let your computer read to you the readings for next Sunday's mass, or Blaise Pascal's Pensées.

(Pocket PC users can use Flite to get text-to-speech on their Pocket PC).

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Modest Needs
Modest Needs is a reputable website that gathers donations "to help people with small, unexpected expenses and nowhere else to turn, no questions asked". Intriguing idea by Dr. Keith Taylor from Brooklyn NY. I plan to get into this sometime -- though I wish we had a local version of it here in Victoria BC Canada.

T.S. Eliot reading The Waste Land (HarperAudio online)
Here we have T. S. Eliot reading his groundbreaking poem The Waste Land through your computer speakers. Perfect for when you're in that dark, introspective, Catholic kind of mood ;-)

Complete NIV Audio Bible on the web, read by Max McLean
Not a "Catholic bible" per se, but fantastically read by professional actor Max McLean
In a related vein to, here is the Catholic Flickr photostream. Flickr is the photo-sharing web service that's generating a lot of buzz these days. There are currently 101 Flickr photos with the "catholic" tag, one of which is above.
There seem to be a few people posting Catholic links to the fantabulous social bookmark manager. Hopefully it will become a more popular source of cool Catholic links. When that happens, I will be able to shut down this blog.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen in Real Audio "Life Is Worth Living" - Bishop Sheen's 50-part phonograph series. Now available for your listening pleasure in RealAudio format.

Update: I've listened to the first 24-minute segment, and I love it. Topic: "Philosophy of Life".

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